Blanchardstown Community Counselling Service - What is Counselling?

What is counselling?
At some point in a life we all experience challenges which can be both difficult and overwhelming. Workplace or home life can cause  stress, anxiety over uncertainties of the future, bereavement, problems with addiction, relationship difficulties or even just the feeling of helplessness.

These are just some of the issues we face in life in which counselling can help where you get to talk to a professional counsellor or therapist. At Blanchardstown Community Counselling Service we provide confidential and professional help by working with you and the difficulties you face.

What can the you expect from Counselling?  
Through counselling and psychotherapy you are given the support and safety to explore, understand and change these thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviours.

You can expect to talk to a trained professional about the issues that are affecting your life. Every person is affected in some way by their surroundings and environment and a counsellor is trained to appreciate that individuality. The personal growth that takes place can free you from the limitations of old patterns, and can give you a new lease on life.

What is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)?
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is commonly known as CBT therapy.

CBT is a talking therapy based on scientific methods. CBT is an effective treatment for reducing the symptoms of almost all mental health problems, but especially  effective for anxiety and depression.  When used to treat anxiety disorders it has also been found to improve overall quality of life.

CBT can help you to stop negative cycles of thoughts, behaviours and emotions by helping you to notice what is making you feel anxious, unhappy or frightened and helping you to manage these factors. By helping you to work out what to change to improve your mood, CBT can allow you to take control of your mental health.

CBT is based on the concept that how we think, how we act, how we feel and what we experience in our bodies all interact together. 

How Do I Begin?
You can contact us directly by phone us at 0858765856 (our phone may not always be answered but please leave a short message and we will get back to you)  or email

How Long Does A Session Last?
The length of a session is 50  minutes long.

If you late for your appointment you will be eating into your own time.

How Much Does A Session Cost?
The cost per session depends on the form of therapy and the therapist. The persons income is always taken into consideration and what they feel they can afford to pay. We would like to believe that no new perspective client will be turned away because of financial difficulties.

How Often Will I Attend A Counsellor / Psychotherapist?
Generally speaking, sessions are held on a weekly basis which helps to build and strengthen that relationship, which in turn improves the quality of the therapeutic process. When a client and therapist can consistently build a framework of safety and trust, a space is created for the vulnerability involved in making deep, lasting change.

Is Therapy Totally Confidential?
Counselling and psychotherapy is a totally confidential service in almost all situations. However it is important to point out that in certain circumstances ethical and legal obligations must be considered, such as the Child Protection Act protects the rights and welfare of children and minors. The therapist will fully explain confidentiality to you in the first session/assessment.

What Happens If I Need to Cancel a Session?
In the event of the need to cancel a session, it is important that the client contacts Blanchardstown Community Counselling Service immediately. The Blanchardstown Community Counselling Service cancellation policy is explained to the client at the assessment.  If a client needs to cancel with less than the agreed period of notice, they will be asked to pay the fee for the missed session.

Can I see a male/female therapist?
Yes it's possible to see either male or female therapist. We will attempt to match your requirements as much as possible but please bear in mind that this is subject to availability of therapists and days/times. 


You don’t have to cope alone.